2018-07-18 Kern SibbaldMake out of freespace non-fatal for removable devices... Branch-9.0
2018-07-12 Kern SibbaldAdd debug code for bug #2356
2018-07-08 Kern SibbaldFix bug #2385 -- compiler bug IMO
2018-07-03 Davide Francorpm: Fix MySQL dependency on bacula-postgresql package
2018-06-30 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix path validator for UTF-8 characters
2018-06-29 Kern SibbaldTweak update date
2018-06-19 Carsten LeonhardtFix permissions of mtx-changer.conf
2018-06-16 Kern SibbaldUse /dev/sg0 rather than /dev/sg1 so vtape devices...
2018-06-10 Kern SibbaldPull latest tls*.pem from BEE
2018-05-28 Kern SibbaldUpdate ChangeLog ReleaseNotes and version Release-9.0.8
2018-05-27 Kern SibbaldUpdate ChangeLog + ReleaseNotes
2018-05-27 Kern SibbaldFix bug #2212 where restore jobid=nn file=xxx restores...
2018-05-27 Kern SibbaldPull regression truncate-test from Branch-9.1
2018-05-27 Kern SibbaldApply patch from Wandlei Huttel to add Run Time and...
2018-05-27 Kern SibbaldFix bug #2343 where truncate of explicit Volume name...
2018-05-26 Kern SibbaldFix some file execute permissions. Fixes bug #2389
2018-05-25 Kern SibbaldFix license problems in Bug #2382
2018-05-25 Kern SibbaldUpdate version+date
2018-05-25 Kern SibbaldApply patch from Leo to fix bug 2192
2018-05-21 Kern SibbaldFix bad placement of jcr->pool reference as pointed...
2018-05-18 Davide Francorpm: Add OpenSuse Leap 42.3
2018-05-17 Davide Francorpm: Update bacula.spec for Fedora 27
2018-05-15 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix SQL grouping error in restore wizard repor...
2018-04-21 Kern SibbaldUpdate some old copyrights
2018-04-20 Wanderlei Huttelbaculum: Update Portuguese translations
2018-04-19 Kern SibbaldRemove old Bacula Systems notices
2018-04-18 Kern SibbaldUpdate ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes Release-9.0.7
2018-04-18 Kern SibbaldTweak update version date
2018-04-18 Kern SibbaldRemove NSIS debug
2018-04-17 Kern SibbaldRestore win32 dir from Branch-5.2 and update it
2018-04-17 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix opening configuration tabs bug reported...
2018-02-23 Kern SibbaldUpdate version+date
2018-02-23 Kern SibbaldAdd Phil Stracchino's fix for Qt5
2018-02-03 Marcin Hababaculum: Tweak getting bacula config boolean value
2018-02-03 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix saving boolean values in schedule Run...
2018-01-19 Davide Francorpm: Add Fedora26-64 platform
2018-01-10 Marcin Hababaculum: Add link to go back from job configuration...
2017-12-09 Kern SibbaldUse correct SQL table encoding for Postgresql 10.x
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add listbox control and use it for base and...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix showing verify job fields in job run confi...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Revert back volume pool name in volume list...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix error message about disabled bconsole
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: API endpoints code refactor
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add state, number, boolean and id validators
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Return bconsole disabled error if bconsole...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Remove unused api endpoints
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix oauth2 client working in the web part
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Tweak fix config panel style
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix auth setting radio buttons alignement
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Enlarge interface height to 100%
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add more information to cURL error
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: New reworked restore wizard
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Wizards view improvements
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add restore hardlinks support in api
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add strip_prefix, add_prefix, add_suffix and...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add new volumes required api endpoint
2017-12-09 Radosław KorzeniewskiPort missing RestoreObject Plugin Config code from...
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Tweak enable updating repeater with user list
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Stop using hidden fields to store item identifiers
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix redundant loading users portlet
2017-12-09 Marcin Hababaculum: Add required config fields asterisk mark
2017-11-21 Kern SibbaldTweak recompile Release-9.0.6
2017-11-21 Kern Sibbaldconfigure: look for Qt5 in addition to Qt4
2017-11-20 Kern SibbaldTweak update version date
2017-11-20 Kern SibbaldTweak ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes for last backport...
2017-11-20 Eric BollengierAdd support for items with comma in ini_store_alist_str()
2017-11-20 Eric BollengierFix segfault after the reload of an incorrect configuration
2017-11-20 Eric BollengierAdd temporary fix to avoid a deadlock after a reload...
2017-11-20 Alain Spineuxfix #3269 obey the user choice of "Are you sure you...
2017-11-20 Eric Bollengierregress: Add reload-client-address-test to CDASH and...
2017-11-20 Eric BollengierFix race condition between setip and the access to...
2017-11-20 Eric Bollengierregress: Add checks for Enabled flag
2017-11-20 Eric BollengierFix #3284 about Client address not reloaded properly
2017-11-20 Eric Bollengierregress: Add test to reproduce #3284 with reload command
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldTweak update ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Support sending config as serialized array...
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Use api client version and introduce api serve...
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldCleanup ./configure Qt4/5 bat
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldUpdate AUTHORS for recent commits
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: remove most of OpenSSL initcallbacks for 1.1
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldRemove incorrecly placed openssl-compat.h
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: convert EVP_PKEY access and remainings bits...
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: convert EVP_MD_CTX + EVP_CIPHER_CTX to OpenSSL 1.1
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldAdd openssl-compat.h which went in wrong directory
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: Use DEFINE_STACK_OF()
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: Add a tiny OpenSSL compat level
2017-11-19 Sebastian Andrzej... crypto: remove support for ancient openssl
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Add removing single resource
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Add module to check resource dependencies
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix saving names with spaces inside schedule...
2017-11-19 Marcin Hababaculum: Fix saving entire config by api request
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldBackout vol size tests in previous attempt to fix bug...
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldFix compiler warning in previous patch
2017-11-19 V. NovyApply patches from bugs #2325 and #2326 to fix FIFO...
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldFix bug #2315 INTEGER misspelled in update_sqlite3_tabl...
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldTweak update version + date
2017-11-19 Kern SibbaldTry to fix bug #2349 multiple recycle messages
2017-11-15 Marcin Hababaculum: Throw 404 error if service not known
2017-11-14 Marcin Hababaculum: Use home page url when an error is shown
2017-11-12 Kern SibbaldFix bug #2346 Dir blocks when max reloads reached