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2012-06-02 Kern SibbaldAdd new Spanish ansi-labels from Jose Herrera
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2012-03-08 Eric BollengierAdd new features to the documentation
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2012-02-22 Kern SibbaldMake changes to for 5.2.6
2012-02-19 Kern SibbaldCorrect website link to current files
2012-02-03 Kern SibbaldCorrect AlwaysOpen default, which was incorrect --...
2012-02-03 Kern SibbaldFix typos which fail compile
2012-01-26 Eric Bollengierupdate info on bvfs
2012-01-26 Eric BollengierAdd doc on .bvfs_clear_cache
2012-01-26 Kern SibbaldTweak fix news typo
2012-01-26 Kern SibbaldUpdate site for 5.2.5 release
2012-01-26 Kern SibbaldTweak doc
2012-01-23 Eric BollengierAdd bvfs doc
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2012-01-18 Kern SibbaldTweak typo in doc
2012-01-14 Kern SibbaldAdd user tip from bug #1818
2012-01-14 Kern SibbaldBring Windows specific documentation more up to date...
2012-01-14 Kern SibbaldAdd Spanish traslation of the newbsfeatures chapter
2011-12-31 Kern SibbaldFix pruning documentation according to bug #1715
2011-12-29 Kern SibbaldClairify bscan doc
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2011-12-16 Kern SibbaldOops put back zapped news items
2011-12-16 Kern SibbaldUpdate web site
2011-12-15 Kern SibbaldUpdate repo from web site Release-5.2.3
2011-12-03 Kern SibbaldFix Attribute spooling documentation
2011-12-02 Kern SibbaldPut depreciation notice in manual DVD chapter
2011-12-01 Kern SibbaldFix missing control char in TLS doc
2011-11-27 Kern SibbaldUpdate for release 5.2.2
2011-11-27 Marco van WieringenApply Marco's doc patch
2011-11-26 Marco van WieringenApply Marco's typo fixes to docs
2011-11-26 Kern SibbaldFix new features links
2011-11-26 Kern SibbaldFix error in developers pluginAPI chapter
2011-11-13 Kern SibbaldTweak typo
2011-11-12 Kern SibbaldFix typo in --with-baseport configure option
2011-11-10 Eric BollengierAdd some notes about CF_CORE and new Options{} Plugin
2011-11-10 Eric BollengierDocument new %D
2011-11-08 Kern SibbaldSpell check pluginAPI
2011-11-07 Kern SibbaldFix inconsistancies with migrated and migration
2011-11-07 Kern SibbaldMake logo and flags link to home page
2011-11-07 Kern SibbaldTweak fix incorrect year
2011-11-04 Eric Bollengierdispaly more testimonials on the first page
2011-11-04 Eric Bollengierfix download and git for fr,de,es
2011-11-04 Eric Bollengierpoints to sourceforge for download
2011-11-04 Eric Bollengierfix git link on
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2011-10-29 Kern SibbaldTweak correct typo
2011-10-29 Kern SibbaldUpdate New Features doc
2011-10-29 Kern SibbaldUpdate web links for new Bacula Version
2011-10-29 Kern SibbaldUpload to 5.2.x manuals
2011-10-29 Kern SibbaldTweak newfeatures chapter of doc