2010-08-05 Kern SibbaldTweak version Branch-5.0 Release-5.0.3
2010-06-30 Kern SibbaldTweak license typo
2010-06-28 Kern SibbaldAdd new usb rescue key code
2009-09-21 Kern SibbaldMove usb to oldusb
2009-09-12 Kern SibbaldUpdate to separate manual versions
2009-09-09 Eric BollengierAdd ExcludeDirContaining doc to the fileset manual
2009-09-09 Eric Bollengierfix \vb (vertical bar) macro
2009-09-07 Eric Bollengierebl document accurate= and basejob= fileset options
2009-09-07 Eric Bollengierupdate with new Maximum Concurent jobs for devices
2009-09-07 Eric BollengierDocument the new Storage/Device/Maximum Concurrent...
2009-09-07 Eric Bollengierebl space tweaks
2009-09-04 Eric Bollengierebl would prefere GB/s, but it's a bit to quick :)
2009-09-04 Kern SibbaldFix some vertical bars
2009-09-04 Kern SibbaldUpdate image eps files
2009-09-04 Kern SibbaldAdd new .eps images
2009-09-04 Kern SibbaldUpdate newfeatures
2009-09-04 Eric Bollengierebl update doc about speed command
2009-09-04 Eric BollengierAdd notes about new btape speed command
2009-09-03 Kern SibbaldFix NewFeatures typos as reported on the list
2009-08-26 Eric Bollengierebl update basejob chapter
2009-08-24 Kern SibbaldUpdate developers doc
2009-08-22 Eric Bollengierebl update RunScript doc
2009-08-20 Kern SibbaldUpdate git pointers
2009-08-12 Eric Bollengierebl fix wrong screenshot
2009-08-12 Eric Bollengierebl update with bvfs
2009-08-12 Eric Bollengierebl Add bat screenshots
2009-08-10 Kern SibbaldUpdate Developer's guid for git
2009-08-09 Kern SibbaldUpdate
2009-08-04 Jose HerreraAdd Spanish files translated
2009-08-02 Kern SibbaldUpdate catmaintenance + install + git
2009-08-02 Kern SibbaldRename bacula, gui, and regress to disactivate them
2009-08-01 Dirk H Bartleyfound a bug. Joblist page would not come up unless...
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldAdd
2009-08-01 Eric Bollengierupdate technotes
2009-08-01 Eric BollengierAdd new form to see job details
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldUpdate .gitignore
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldAdd bacula-docs.spec
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldRemove bacula-docs.spec
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula-docs.spec
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldSplit docs into bacula-docs.spec
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldRemobe bacula-docs.spec
2009-08-01 Kern SibbaldSplit docs into bacula-docs.spec
2009-07-31 Victor Hugo... missing less than beforehistory | grep svn :D
2009-07-31 Kern SibbaldSplit docs out of bacula.spec
2009-07-31 Dirk H BartleyInsert the tabbed widgets as opposed to adding to the...
2009-07-31 Dirk H BartleyDon't dock the page for dirstat and restore tree until...
2009-07-31 Dirk H BartleyI like this sorting method better.
2009-07-31 Kern SibbaldUpdate bacula.spec
2009-07-31 Eric BollengierApply quick fix from Ulrich about the last feature.
2009-07-31 Kern SibbaldContinue work on bacula.spec
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierrename the free_and_null macro
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierfix test name
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierebl update new features
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierupdate technotes
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierchmod +x regress/tests/multi-storage-test
2009-07-30 Eric BollengierAllow restore from multiple storage
2009-07-30 Kern SibbaldUpdate home page 3.0.2 release
2009-07-30 Kern SibbaldUpdate News
2009-07-30 Eric Bollengierupdate tool
2009-07-30 Kern SibbaldModify enable/disable commands to show only appropriate...
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula.spec
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula.spec
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldAdd ACL check for client in estimate command
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldAdd ACL check for client in estimate command
2009-07-29 Eric BollengierChange time_t by utime_t in accurate function
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula.spec defines
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula.spec defines
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldTweak bacula.spec defines
2009-07-29 Kern SibbaldStart reworking 3.0.2 bacula.spec file
2009-07-28 Eric BollengierDisplay the job_zoom view when backup is finished
2009-07-27 Kern SibbaldAdd DESTDIR to Makefile
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl Add file to build html doc
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengieradd changelog link
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl Add changelog on the main menu
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierupdate doc
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl add downloads pages for all lang
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl Remove the Patch section and add the new Download...
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl Link to new downloads.php
2009-07-27 Eric Bollengierebl Add tool to convert nasty sourceforge download...
2009-07-27 Kern SibbaldUpdate
2009-07-27 Kern SibbaldUpdate README for binary install tests
2009-07-26 Kern SibbaldTweak RedHat spec files
2009-07-25 Eric Bollengierchange free_and_null function to a macro
2009-07-25 Jose HerreraAdd Spanish files translated
2009-07-24 Kern SibbaldAdd format to a fprintf
2009-07-24 Kern SibbaldAttempt to fix SQLite seg fault problem
2009-07-24 Eric BollengierFix Expired option in media list to select Used media
2009-07-24 Eric Bollengiertweak bfileview fields
2009-07-24 Dirk H BartleySet selection items on top.
2009-07-24 Dirk H Bartleythis should resolve issues that people are having with...
2009-07-23 Kern SibbaldFix int/int32_t problem in accurate_add_file
2009-07-23 Eric BollengierPermit to filter on the directory name as for file
2009-07-23 Eric Bollengierfix bad english sentence
2009-07-23 Eric Bollengieradd function to simplify free and null operation on...
2009-07-23 Kern SibbaldRemove Qt 4.4 code so it compiles on 4.3 (setHeaderHidden)
2009-07-22 Eric Bollengierupdate version and enable debug
2009-07-22 Kern SibbaldUpdate version
2009-07-22 Kern SibbaldApply idea of part of Graham's tidy-bsr-source.patch...
2009-07-22 Kern SibbaldFix bug #1337 Console tries to build with SSL when...
2009-07-22 Kern SibbaldModify setJobStatus so cancel has same priority as...