2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: remove emulator configuration, we use -config... master
2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: create ~/.vice directory before using it
2018-10-27 Michael Stapelbergmove vice invocation to Makefile
2018-10-27 Jakob HaufeProperly replace EURSYM for printer output (#43)
2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: document that one needs to “run”
2018-10-27 Michael Stapelbergcredit_manager: fix filter function
2018-09-23 Jakob HaufeMerge pull request #17 from maikf/rtc github/master
2018-09-23 Maik Fischercosmetics: draw one blank line less
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerclang_complete: define __C128__ to get past the include... mxf/rtc
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerspeed up interrupt handler by directly writing to VDC RAM
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerupdate the clock on the main menu via an irq handler
2018-09-23 Maik Fischertrack day of event and increment it when clock wraps
2018-09-23 Maik Fischeruse the more accurate CIA1 Time Of Day instead of the...
2018-09-23 Jakob HaufeImprove Makefile (#39) binlog
2017-11-05 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #37 from sur5r/issue36 sur5r.net/master rgb2rv17
2017-11-05 Jakob HaufeFix format_euros()
2017-11-04 Jakob HaufeDo not crash when format_euro() fails
2017-11-04 Axel Wagnercompare nicknames ignoring case (#34)
2017-11-04 Axel Wagnerdelete edit hint from credit manager (#33)
2017-11-04 Axel Wagneractually store deposit (#31)
2017-11-04 Axel WagnerImplement tab-completion in credit manager (#29)
2017-11-04 Axel Wagnercheck for duplicate nicks when (#26)
2017-11-04 Michael StapelbergFix incorrect free()
2017-11-04 Maik 'mxf'... Merge pull request #25 from stapelberg/readme
2017-11-04 Michael Stapelbergupdate README with actually working instructions
2017-11-01 Maik Fischerfix print_log() format string
2017-10-30 Maik FischerMerge pull request #15 from 9b17fe/refactor
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerinclude guards: don't begin them with underscores
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerkasse: comment print_log's format string
2017-10-30 Maik Fischeritemz: fix int16_t -> uint8_t truncation
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerkasse: move inputting nicknames w/ completion in its...
2017-10-30 Maik Fischertest: fix to be able to build a stub version of it...
2017-10-30 Maik Fischeruse EUR_FORMAT_MINLEN to get rid of more magic numbers
2017-10-30 Maik Fischeradd .dir-locals.el and .clang-complete
2017-10-30 Maik FischerMakefile: move to the d71 disk format
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerkasse: allow starting up without a printer
2017-10-30 Maik Fischeritemz: use umlauts
2017-10-30 Maik Fischercredit_manager: use strncpy
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerchange ad-hoc number input code to use cget_number()
2017-10-30 Maik Fischercredit_manager: remove special case from deposit_credit()
2017-10-30 Maik Fischerkasse: use cgetn_input() to simplify logic
2017-10-30 Maik Fischercredit_manager: use more constants
2017-10-30 Maik Fischeruse cget_return() to wait for a RETURN key press
2017-10-26 Maik Fischerkasse: use constants where appropriate
2017-10-16 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #14 from 9b17fe/umlauts
2017-10-15 Maik Fischerkasse: Add comment why we disable IRQs mxf/umlauts
2017-10-15 Maik Fischercredit_manager: replace [aou]e with [aou]UML in string...
2017-10-15 Maik Fischervdc: write 16bit addresses just like KERNAL does
2017-10-14 Maik Fischerpatch charset to include umlauts
2017-10-06 Michael StapelbergRun “make format”
2017-10-06 Michael Stapelbergtravis: check formatting
2017-10-05 Maik FischerMerge pull request #13 from sur5r/format_euro
2017-10-05 Jakob HaufeRework format_euro()
2017-10-05 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #12 from stapelberg/builddir
2017-10-04 Michael StapelbergAdd cat, *.lbl to .gitignore stapelberg/builddir
2017-10-04 Michael Stapelberginclude cat in “all”, clean up label files
2017-10-04 Michael StapelbergGenerate label files for VICE’s monitor
2017-10-04 Michael StapelbergCompile with -g
2017-10-04 Michael StapelbergMakefile: place *.{o,s} in build/
2017-09-28 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #11 from 9b17fe/remove-dual-monitor stapelberg/master
2017-09-26 Maik Fischeruse correct constant to switch videomode mxf/remove-dual-monitor
2017-09-25 Maik Fischeritemz: fix depreciation warnings, make it fast()
2017-09-24 Maik FischerRemove unused "dual monitor" code; clock CPU faster
2017-09-24 Michael StapelbergFormat code using clang-format-3.9 (“make format”) mxf/master
2017-09-24 Michael Stapelberginclude peekpoke.h instead of re-defining the macros
2017-09-24 Michael Stapelbergno-op: remove unused variable
2017-09-24 Michael StapelbergAdd README.md
2017-09-24 Maik FischerChange drawing chars (#9)
2016-11-05 Michael StapelbergImplement space completion when selling items.
2016-11-05 Jakob HaufeFix handling of maybe-absent files
2016-11-05 Jakob HaufeCreate disk images from scratch
2016-11-05 Jakob HaufeMake dist-clean resilient against absent files
2016-11-05 Michael Stapelbergcalculate income when loading state file
2016-11-03 Michael Stapelbergenforce nickname character limit in credit manager
2016-11-03 Michael Stapelbergfix prototypes
2013-10-09 Michael Stapelbergitemz: implement counter reset rgb2rv12
2012-11-06 Jakob HaufeIgnore "items" and "tags" as well rgb2rv10
2012-11-06 Jakob HaufeRestructure Makefile and create include/version.h
2012-11-01 Michael Stapelbergziffer-handling: backspace-support, range check, nur... rgb2rv9
2012-09-30 Michael Stapelberglog to memory
2012-09-30 Michael Stapelbergcat.c: correctly prefix 0 for every single hex (!)...
2012-09-30 Michael Stapelbergmake cat.c compile again
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergfix off-by-one in item display
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelberguse colors for a good/bad sale
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergimplement colors, remove printing toggle
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergcolors were off-by-one
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergadd color code definitions
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelberginclude time in paper trail when adding a new credit
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergshow remaining credits when user has not enough credits
2012-09-29 Michael StapelbergFix wrong print statement
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergimplement depositing when the user cannot purchase...
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergright-align price in header
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergactually increment transaction id
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergheader gefixed
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergcredit_manager: use the proper header
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergfix sprintf format
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelberguse consistent header line length
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergprint_buffer needs to be larger when we print 80 characters
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergalign papertrail format
2012-09-29 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: use 'all' target by default