descriptionKassensoftware für den C128
ownerJakob Haufe
last changeSat, 27 Oct 2018 21:40:47 +0000 (23:40 +0200)
2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: remove emulator configuration, we use -config... master
2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: create ~/.vice directory before using it
2018-10-27 Michael Stapelbergmove vice invocation to Makefile
2018-10-27 Jakob HaufeProperly replace EURSYM for printer output (#43)
2018-10-27 Michael StapelbergREADME: document that one needs to “run”
2018-10-27 Michael Stapelbergcredit_manager: fix filter function
2018-09-23 Jakob HaufeMerge pull request #17 from maikf/rtc github/master
2018-09-23 Maik Fischercosmetics: draw one blank line less
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerclang_complete: define __C128__ to get past the include... mxf/rtc
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerspeed up interrupt handler by directly writing to VDC RAM
2018-09-23 Maik Fischerupdate the clock on the main menu via an irq handler
2018-09-23 Maik Fischertrack day of event and increment it when clock wraps
2018-09-23 Maik Fischeruse the more accurate CIA1 Time Of Day instead of the...
2018-09-23 Jakob HaufeImprove Makefile (#39) binlog
2017-11-05 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #37 from sur5r/issue36 rgb2rv17
2017-11-05 Jakob HaufeFix format_euros()
4 years ago rgb2rv17 Known working version *after* RGB2Rv17
8 years ago rgb2rv12
9 years ago rgb2rv10
9 years ago rgb2rv9
12 years ago rgb2rv7
12 years ago rgb2rv6
3 years ago master
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