2019-05-08 Oliver SchmidtFixed _textcolor definition. master
2019-05-01 Christian Groesslerld65.sgml: document '--allow-multiple-definition' switch
2019-05-01 Christian Groesslersrc/ld65/main.c: fix copy'n'paste error in comment
2019-05-01 Christian Groesslerld65: implement '--allow-multiple-definition' command...
2019-05-01 Christian Groesslersrc/ld65/exports.c: Issue an error instead of a warning...
2019-05-01 Brad Smithgoto.c warning fix for implicit truncation
2019-04-30 Christian Groessleragain, some TABs slipped into the code...
2019-04-30 Oliver SchmidtAdjusted doc to code.
2019-04-25 IrgendwerA8Fix for #830 supplied by UvB
2019-04-24 Christian Groesslercfg/atari-xex.cfg: fix typo in comment
2019-04-23 Greg KingMade the code that logs indirect-goto referals be a...
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenDocument computed gotos
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenReplace hard returns with an "else", add an error for...
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenReturn after errors, move left bracket consumption...
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenC90 param, void
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenFix missing spaces
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenAdjustment for '816
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenAdd support for computed gotos
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenAdd a goto indirect jump from pointer
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenExport the label symbol table
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenOnly for jumps, the lib uses named asm labels in branches
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenFix jmp-callax.c bug
2019-04-21 Lauri KasanenAdd test showing optimizer failure, OptUnusedLoads...
2019-04-13 Oliver SchmidtAdded '_' prefix to sin and cos.
2019-04-13 Christian Groessleratari5200.sgml: small fix for last change
2019-04-13 Christian Groessleratari5200: update docs for recent conio changes
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: name conio constructor 'initconio'
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: testcode/lib/atari5200/hello.c: adapt to...
2019-04-12 Christian GroesslerRevert "atari5200: fix COLOR defines' names"
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: changes from discussions in #870
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: get rid of conio_colors table
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: fix COLOR defines' names
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: conio now uses just four colors altogether
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: add screensize function
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: add alternative conio screen (20x12 resolution)
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari5200: implement bgcolor() and textcolor()
2019-04-12 Christian Groessleratari: split color.s into bordercolor.s and bgcolor.s
2019-04-04 Oliver SchmidtMinor clarification.
2019-04-04 Oliver SchmidtFixed typo.
2019-04-04 Oliver SchmidtAvoid unintended file "shadowing".
2019-04-02 IrgendwerA8Adjusted to the current multiline-comment style.
2019-04-02 IrgendwerA8Fix for multiplication optimization issue #367
2019-04-01 Steven HuggCode cleanup per code review
2019-04-01 Steven Huggcleaned up code per review
2019-04-01 Steven Huggfixed optimization bug where array index is 16-bit...
2019-04-01 Steven Huggrearranged order of new optimizations to better handle...
2019-04-01 Steven Huggadded optimization for indexed 16-bit array load of...
2019-04-01 Steven Huggadded optimization for indexed pointer load of a consta...
2019-03-30 Olli SaviaFixed gcc compiler warning (#867)
2019-03-30 greg-king5Removed a "cc65_" prefix.
2019-03-29 IrgendwerA8Added space after function name.
2019-03-29 IrgendwerA8Code review adaptations, removed "cc65_" prefix from...
2019-03-29 IrgendwerA8Moved documentation to funcref.
2019-03-29 IrgendwerA8Changes due to code review.
2019-03-29 IrgendwerA8Optimized mul20 & mul40 and extracted to new library.
2019-03-25 greg-king5Merge pull request #863 from Compyx/master
2019-03-24 Bas WassinkRestore src/cc65/locals.c:278 to its orignal state 863/head
2019-03-24 Bas WassinkForgot a cast, sorry
2019-03-24 Bas WassinkRevert accidentally committed changes for a future PR
2019-03-24 Bas WassinkMerge
2019-03-24 Greg KingFixed LinuxDoc Tools issues in some verbatim blocks...
2019-03-23 Daniel SerpellAdds address after JVB instruction in the display list...
2019-03-23 Bas WassinkFix 32/64-bit int/pointer casts
2019-03-22 Bas WassinkRemove trailings spaces from CBM-related asm files
2019-03-16 IrgendwerA8Changed enum for FP-register index. 855/head
2019-03-13 IrgendwerA8AtariOS: Fix for FPIDX enum
2019-03-11 Greg KingAdded a C header that translates from the source file...
2019-03-11 Christian GroesslerMerge remote-tracking branch 'irgendwer/AtariOS_Structu...
2019-03-09 IrgendwerA8Code review changes and improved formatting. 854/head
2019-03-08 IrgendwerA8Atari OS: Reestablished DCB structure, fixed union...
2019-03-06 Greg KingRenamed a C header.
2019-03-06 Greg KingFixed the CBM screen-code C header.
2019-03-05 Christian GroesslerMerge pull request #852 from IrgendwerA8/AtariOS_Structure
2019-03-04 IrgendwerA8Added missing pointer star for Basic structure. 852/head
2019-03-04 IrgendwerA8Code review changes and build fix.
2019-03-04 Greg KingRefactorred a CBM screen-code macro, so that we can...
2019-03-03 IrgendwerA8Access Atari OS variables by structure.
2019-02-28 IrgendwerA8Minor math optimizations
2019-02-28 Oliver SchmidtMerge pull request #849 from polluks/patch-4
2019-02-26 StefanUpdate cbm510.sgml 849/head
2019-02-23 Christian GroesslerMerge remote-tracking branch 'dmsc/xex-c' into upstream...
2019-02-21 Daniel SerpellChange XEX configuration file names to better reflect... 848/head
2019-02-21 Daniel SerpellAdd sample linker configurations for Atari binary outpu...
2019-02-21 Daniel SerpellSeparate header and trailers of Atari system_check...
2019-02-21 Daniel SerpellDon't write INITAD if the memory area is empty.
2019-02-21 Daniel SerpellAdd support for INITAD to the Atari binary format.
2019-02-21 Christian Groesslerun-remove TABs in doc/using-make.sgml
2019-02-17 Bill KendrickMove Atari-specific PIA reg vals to atari.h
2019-02-12 Christian Groesslerremote TABs in doc/ and test/
2019-02-12 Oliver SchmidtMerge pull request #834 from jedeoric/master
2019-02-12 Oliver SchmidtAdd translation from PETSCII to screen codes.
2019-02-12 StefanFixed 65C02 timing again.
2019-02-07 Oliver SchmidtMerge pull request #843 from polluks/patch-4
2019-02-07 StefanFixed 65C02 timing. 843/head
2019-02-05 Christian Groesslerremove TABs
2019-02-04 jedeFix typo 834/head
2019-02-03 Daniel SerpellAdds test code for the Atari (xex) linker file format. 762/head
2019-02-03 Daniel SerpellAdds documentation and a sample config file for the...
2019-02-03 Daniel SerpellRewrites ATARI EXE segment writing to optimally write...
2019-02-03 Daniel SerpellDon't support overwrite segments.