2017-09-07 Andreas GohrMerge pull request #15 from cweiske/master master
2017-08-11 Christian WeiskeReplace preg_replace('//e') with preg_replace_callback 15/head
2017-08-11 Christian WeiskeUpgrade smarty from 2.6.18 to 2.6.30
2017-08-11 Christian WeiskeRemove magic_quotes function
2015-09-25 Andreas GohrMerge pull request #14 from araname/master
2015-09-21 Myeongjintranslation update 14/head
2014-10-16 Andreas Gohrfixed login problem with chrome 37+
2014-08-26 Andreas Gohrupped version 0.8.0
2014-08-26 Andreas Gohruse contactPerson by default
2014-08-26 Andreas Gohradjusted documentation a bit for new config features
2014-08-26 Andreas Gohrfixed search by tags
2014-08-26 Andreas GohrMerge commit '0ca5fea0cc893684982894e474a00176853535e6...
2014-08-26 Andreas GohrMerge commit '4bddd2bb3ff5fd3eec8886302a01dc8191ae1465...
2014-08-26 Andreas GohrMerge commit '75245bbc807b67247234c9103b162008c5b5b326...
2014-08-26 Andreas Gohrfixed call-by-reference. closes #12
2014-03-01 Andreas GohrMerge pull request #13 from marcovanbeek/master
2014-02-28 marcovanbeekFixed problem with login check within Chrome 33.x and... 13/head
2013-12-09 Andreas GohrMerge pull request #11 from araname/patch-1
2013-12-09 MyeongjinAdd Korean translation 11/head
2013-12-09 MyeongjinAdd Korean translation
2013-11-18 Andreas Gohrinitialize standard template vars earlier
2013-10-03 Christian Weiskefix missing space in company address
2013-10-03 Christian Weiskehide counter reset
2013-10-03 Christian Weiskesupport non-http URLs in labeledURI fields (e.g. xmpp...
2013-10-03 Christian Weiskesupport multiple URLs
2013-10-02 Christian WeiskeUse leafletjs + OpenStreetMap instead of google maps
2013-10-01 Christian Weiskeallow custom field definitions in config.php
2013-10-01 Christian Weiskefix broken evolutionPerson fields (country not provided...
2013-10-01 Christian Weiskemake object classes configurable in inc/config.php
2013-09-30 Christian WeiskeFix issue #10: vcards need CRLF and newline at the end
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskefix broken tags.php
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskemake categories work with evolutionPerson schema
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskenicer error display
2013-09-30 Christian Weisketell where the error happened
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskesearch address book subtree, not only one level
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskeignore cache files
2013-09-30 Christian Weiskemove config.php to config.php.dist, ignore user config
2011-05-31 Andreas Gohrfixed international prefix in callto: links origin/HEAD origin/master
2010-12-08 Andreas Gohradjusted slapd example for newer slapd's
2010-12-08 Andreas GohrMerge /var/www/contagged
2010-11-30 Andreas Gohrfixed tag export in lists (CSV)
2010-11-30 Andreas Gohravoid deprecation warnings in PHP 5.3+
2010-11-18 Łukasz KwiecińskiPolish translation added
2010-08-12 Andreas Gohrsupress a few errors
2010-05-20 Andreas Gohrnew version 0.7.2
2010-05-20 Andreas GohrMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-20 Andreas GohrAdded country to ldapab.schema. Closes #1
2010-05-20 Marco van Beekmore granular uid's to avoid conflicts
2010-05-20 Andreas Gohrsupress errors on set_magic_quotes
2010-01-20 CosmoCode GmbHadded link to the issue tracker
2009-10-20 Andreas Gohrnew version 0.7.1
2009-10-20 Andreas GohrChanged character tab styles to cope with larger alphabets
2009-10-20 Andreas Gohrfixed logout
2009-10-20 Michael RestFixed a problem with userlogreq and the tag cloud
2009-10-20 Peter TuhárskySlovak Translation added
2009-07-14 Andreas GohrVersion updated
2009-07-10 Andreas GohrAdded QR Code export
2009-05-07 Bernhard MinksFixed VCard import and handle photo URLs in VCF
2008-12-23 StanislavCase insensitive matching when deciding if a entry...
2008-12-11 Andreas GohrVersion 0.6.5
2008-12-11 StanislavRussian translation
2008-12-04 Andreas GohrSupport for national letter tabs
2008-12-04 StanislavAutomatically create a private address book on login
2008-12-03 Andreas Gohrfixed problem with login check
2008-12-03 Andreas GohrVersion 0.6.4
2008-12-03 Andy WettsteinMake it possible to show/edit user account entries
2008-12-03 Andy WettsteinMake it possible to disable private contacts
2008-12-03 Dominik EckelmannFixed JavaScript errors related to Google Maps and IE
2008-12-03 Dominik EckelmannDisplay errors when image upload fails
2008-12-03 Garth MollettFixed authentication problem in import
2008-12-03 Philipp WalkerAdded callto:// links for phone numbers
2008-12-03 Oktay AltunergilTurkish Translation
2008-12-03 Andy WettsteinConfigurable search fields
2007-12-06 Andreas Gohrignore missing personal addressbook while browsing
2007-12-06 Andreas Gohrversion 0.6.3
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohrfixed problem in tag cloud
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohradded sizelimit info
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohrcatch a few more LDAP errors and display them in a...
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohrminor english lang file fix
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohradded .htaccess filese to protect inc and similar direc...
2007-12-05 Andreas Gohrbetter enforcement of the userlogreq option
2007-12-05 Xavier Renautcontrib script for importing Thunderbird LDIF exports
2007-12-05 Andreas GohrDon't use short open tags
2007-10-15 carlescatalan language update
2007-09-05 Andreas GohrStore tags in Thunderbird custom fields
2007-09-04 Andreas Gohrsupress ldap_bind errors
2007-09-04 Andreas GohrSmall change in marker handling for more template flexi...
2007-08-09 Andreas Gohrfixed CSV export
2007-07-11 Andreas GohrChinese language file added
2007-07-09 Andreas Gohrversion 0.6.2
2007-07-09 Andreas Gohrcorrect URL encoding on search redirects
2007-07-09 Andreas GohrHandle URL field RFC conform
2007-06-29 Andreas Gohrversion 0.6.1
2007-06-29 Andreas Gohradded missing ldapab.schema file
2007-06-27 Andreas Gohrfix for phone search (lokk in mobile numbers, too)
2007-06-27 Andreas Gohrsimple phone number searching
2007-06-27 Andreas GohrVersion 0.6
2007-06-26 Andreas Gohrignore unknown fields in fields (may happen on import)
2007-06-26 Andreas Gohrlink map info to users
2007-06-26 Andreas Gohrreadme and languages fixed