2019-01-27 Michael StapelbergMerge branch 'release-4.16.1' master
2019-01-27 Michael StapelbergSet non-git version to 4.16.1-non-git.
2019-01-27 Michael Stapelbergrelease i3 4.16.1 4.16.1
2019-01-23 Orestis FlorosFix: render_con shows floating containers on wrong...
2019-01-23 Orestiscmd_exit: Let i3_exit handle shutdown (#3600)
2019-01-23 Orestis FlorosFix crash with popups when fullscreen is non-leaf
2019-01-23 OrestisUse ipc queue for all messages (#3585)
2019-01-23 Orestis Florosattach_to_workspace: set new parent before tree_render
2019-01-23 Orestis FlorosApply title_align to non-leaf containers
2019-01-23 Orestis FlorosTruncate wm_name utf8 strings to first zero byte
2018-11-04 Michael StapelbergUpdate debian/changelog
2018-11-04 Michael StapelbergMerge branch 'next' into master
2018-11-04 Michael StapelbergMerge branch 'release-4.16'
2018-11-04 Michael StapelbergSet non-git version to 4.16-non-git.
2018-11-04 Michael Stapelbergrelease i3 4.16 4.16
2018-11-03 OrestisUpdate ewmh focused only when new focus is different...
2018-11-03 OrestisMerge pull request #3497 from stapelberg/clang-format
2018-11-03 Michael Stapelbergswitch to clang-format-4.0 3497/head
2018-10-29 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3486 from orestisf1993/regress...
2018-10-29 Orestis FlorosFix regression with moving floating windows 3486/head
2018-10-26 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3483 from soumya92/next
2018-10-26 SoumyaUpdate badges in README 3483/head
2018-10-26 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3465 from soumya92/next
2018-10-25 SoumyaAdd "modifiers" to events sent by i3bar 3465/head
2018-10-24 OrestisMerge pull request #3473 from soumya92/pango-font-alignment
2018-10-23 OrestisMerge pull request #3475 from Gravemind/fix-i3bar-re...
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3452 from orestisf1993/title_align
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3451 from orestisf1993/tray
2018-10-23 Orestis FlorosClose & reopen tray selwin when needed 3451/head
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3469 from yablonsky/patch-1
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3448 from orestisf1993/sticky
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3445 from orestisf1993/flaky
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3444 from orestisf1993/move
2018-10-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3433 from orestisf1993/janitorial
2018-10-23 Gravemindi3bar: Fix i3bar re-hidden by any modifier (#3474) 3475/head
2018-10-22 SoumyaAlways center text vertically 3473/head
2018-10-21 Andriy Yablonskyyadd missing parenthesis 3469/head
2018-10-21 Andriy YablonskyyUpdate userguide "Focus Parent": add the default
2018-10-21 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3467 from orestisf1993/userguide
2018-10-21 Orestis Florosuserguide: Use anchor for list of commands 3467/head
2018-10-15 Michael Stapelbergdebian/control: remove dependency on x11-utils (#3455)
2018-10-15 OrestisMerge pull request #3456 from stapelberg/travis
2018-10-15 Michael Stapelbergtravis: fix mk-build-deps call by providing changelog... 3456/head
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosFix typo: childs -> children 3433/head
2018-10-13 Orestis Florosfloating_reposition: avoid extra tree_render
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosUse open_floating_window arguments for rect
2018-10-13 Orestis Florosmanage_window: cleaner variable declarations
2018-10-13 Orestis Florosborders_to_hide doesn't need to be initialized
2018-10-13 Orestis Florosroot is externally declared
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosUse lround instead of (long)round
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosMake comment style more consistent
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosFix missing prototypes
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosEnforce strict prototypes
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosUse path_exists
2018-10-13 Orestis FlorosReduce some code around frees
2018-10-13 OrestisMerge pull request #3454 from alanbarr/cppcheck_fixes_2
2018-10-13 Alan BarrFixes for undefined behaviour on signed shift (#3453)
2018-10-13 Alan BarrTypecast void* before doing pointer arithmetic 3454/head
2018-10-13 Alan BarrRemove redundant NULL check
2018-10-12 AestekAdd title_align config directive 3452/head
2018-10-11 Orestis FlorosFix sticky focus when switching to workspace on differe... 3448/head
2018-10-11 Orestis Florosoutput_push_sticky_windows: Make a bit easier to understand
2018-10-11 Orestis Floros285-sticky.t: Use kill_all_windows
2018-10-10 Orestis FlorosFix flakyness in t/189-floating-constraints.t 3445/head
2018-10-09 Orestis Florostree_move: Don't change focus order when swapping conta... 3444/head
2018-10-09 Orestis Florosmove.c: Fix move_to_output_directed problems
2018-10-07 Orestisi3-nagbar: add option for button that runs commands...
2018-10-07 OrestisMerge pull request #3441 from stapelberg/template
2018-10-07 OrestisMerge pull request #3440 from stapelberg/disable
2018-10-07 Michael Stapelbergadd specific GitHub issue templates 3441/head
2018-10-07 Orestisresolve_tilde: strncpy + strlen is pointless (#3436)
2018-10-07 Orestisuserguide: Mention know issues for assign (#3434)
2018-10-07 Michael Stapelbergconfigure.ac: add conditionals for building docs/mans 3440/head
2018-10-05 OrestisMerge pull request #3435 from vivien/i3-msg/subscribe
2018-10-04 Vivien Dideloti3-msg: add support for SUBSCRIBE message type 3435/head
2018-10-03 Vivien Dideloti3-msg: check reply in quiet mode
2018-10-02 OrestisMerge pull request #3430 from Synray/aspect_ratio
2018-09-29 Thomas FischerCorrectly calculate max_aspect 3430/head
2018-09-28 Michael StapelbergMerge pull request #3415 from orestisf1993/g_utf8_make_...
2018-09-28 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3424 from orestisf1993/con_num_windows
2018-09-26 Orestis Floroscon_num_windows: Count floating windows 3424/head
2018-09-26 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3421 from Streetwalrus/iconic-state
2018-09-25 Dan ElkoubyReject requests for WM_STATE_ICONIC 3421/head
2018-09-25 Orestis FlorosProvide g_utf8_make_valid if not available 3415/head
2018-09-24 Orestis FlorosFix typo: terminaison -> termination
2018-09-23 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3420 from orestisf1993/sncontext...
2018-09-23 Orestis Florosi3-nagbar & i3-config-wizard: check sncontext != NULL 3420/head
2018-09-20 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3416 from orestisf1993/530-bug...
2018-09-20 Orestis Floros530-bug-229.t: Get rid of smartmatch 3416/head
2018-09-20 OrestisMerge pull request #3400 from Synray/next
2018-09-20 Thomas FischerRespect max size in WM_NORMAL_HINTS 3400/head
2018-09-19 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3408 from orestisf1993/__focused__...
2018-09-17 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3410 from orestisf1993/min_width
2018-09-16 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3386 from orestisf1993/click-event
2018-09-16 Orestis Florosdocs/i3bar-protocol: Mention skipping blocks with empty... 3410/head
2018-09-16 Orestis FlorosFix "relative_x" and "width" of click events 3386/head
2018-09-16 Orestis Florosmatch_matches_window: Check if focused->window exists 3408/head
2018-09-16 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3409 from orestisf1993/sb_hoff_px
2018-09-15 Orestis Florosi3bar: Include sb_hoff_px only when needed 3409/head
2018-09-14 Ingo BürkMerge pull request #3403 from orestisf1993/issue-3402