2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergmanpage: fix example for xmobar/dzen2 2.2
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergbump version in asciidoc.conf
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergdebian: bump version, wrap changelog
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergdebian: add source/format file
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelberginitialize result to NULL to shun compiler warning
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: also copy include/ in make release
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergport support for xdg basedir and some makefile fixes...
2010-09-22 Michael StapelbergBump version in manpage
2010-09-22 Michael StapelbergImplement --version/-v parameter
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: define GIT_VERSION, statically include *VERSI...
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: remove obsolete compilation flag
2010-09-22 Michael Stapelbergupdate changelog
2010-09-22 Michael StapelbergImplement displaying the wireless connection speed...
2010-07-21 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Correctly check for interface up/down-status...
2010-07-21 Michael StapelbergBugfix: s/CASE_SEC/CASE_SEC_TITLE for volume
2010-07-20 Michael StapelbergImplement ALSA volume support
2010-07-15 Axel Wagnerprint_ddate(): Correctly seperate the St. Tibs String...
2010-07-04 Michael Stapelbergdebian: add libcap2-bin as dependency (for setcap(8))
2010-07-04 Fernando Tarlá... Updated the manual page with the color_* directives.
2010-07-04 Fernando Tarlá... Support customized colors.
2010-06-30 Fernando Tarlá... Don't leak skfd on errors. Don't spam stderr if the...
2010-06-28 Michael StapelbergAdd fernandotcl to copyright notice
2010-06-25 Fernando Tarlá... Evaluate wireless quality average. Fix dBm calculations.
2010-06-24 Mirko Augsburgerdisk_info: implement %avail
2010-06-24 Michael Stapelbergwireless: fix formats
2010-06-24 Michael StapelbergDisplay wireless quality as percentage
2010-06-24 Fernando Tarlá... Take into account the wireless quality maximum.
2010-06-19 Michael Stapelbergddate: Use static memory / only allocate format copy...
2010-06-19 Axel WagnerImplemented a ddate-module
2010-06-19 Axel WagnerDo proper error handling in print_time()
2010-06-08 Michael Stapelbergs/systemcalls/system calls
2010-04-19 Michael StapelbergTreat the interface as 'down' when it cannot be found...
2010-04-10 Michael Stapelbergdebian: depend on libcap2-bin for setcap
2010-04-10 Michael Stapelbergdebian: update packaging 2.1
2010-04-10 Michael Stapelbergupdate changelog
2010-04-06 Michael StapelbergLittle style fixes for the last commit
2010-04-06 Christian Dietrichipv6: update manpage
2010-04-06 Christian Dietrichipv6: provide format strings for ipv6 up and ipv6 down
2010-04-06 Michael Stapelbergdebian: add postinst file which issues setcap
2010-04-06 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: don’t fail if setcap is unsuccessful
2010-04-06 Christian Dietrichipv6: don't require a title for config option
2010-04-01 Michael Stapelberginstall i3status with cap_net_admin capability, document it
2010-02-14 Michael Stapelbergmakefile: only regenerate i3status.1 when necessary...
2010-02-14 Michael StapelbergColorize ethernet output (patch by Peter Johnson)
2010-01-29 Michael StapelbergInstead of a relative sleep(1), sleep until the full...
2010-01-26 Michael Stapelbergwireless: display no IP instead of (null)
2010-01-26 Michael Stapelbergget_ip_address: return NULL instead of down
2010-01-11 Axel BeckertFix FTBFS on kFreeBSD and Hurd: libiw is Linux-only
2010-01-10 Michael Stapelbergdisk: also round when printing TB (Thanks Merovius)
2010-01-04 Michael Stapelbergipv6: cache the result of the DNS query only, the socke...
2010-01-01 Michael Stapelbergipv6: reuse the existing socket for further lookups
2009-12-20 Michael StapelbergRemove trailing whitespace
2009-12-20 André-Patrick... Implemented showing the time when battery is empty
2009-12-13 Michael StapelbergThe load values represent 1,5,15 min, not 5,10,15 min...
2009-10-27 Michael Stapelbergdebian: add missing build-deps
2009-10-27 Michael StapelbergUpdate debian packaging for 2.0 2.0
2009-10-27 Michael StapelbergUpdate manpage for output_format
2009-10-24 Michael StapelbergUpdate debian/ for single binary
2009-10-24 Michael StapelbergFix function signature / pointer type
2009-10-24 Michael Stapelbergconfig: first try ~/.i3status.conf, then /etc/i3status...
2009-10-24 Michael StapelbergChange output format to be a config option instead...
2009-10-23 Michael Stapelbergdebian: symlink the manpage of i3status for the i3statu...
2009-10-23 Michael Stapelbergdebian: Update standards version
2009-10-23 Michael StapelbergFix Makefile to create correct tarball
2009-10-23 Michael StapelbergUpdate debian packaging
2009-10-23 Michael StapelbergDon’t compile for DZEN by default
2009-10-23 Michael StapelbergAdd error message if neither DZEN nor XMOBAR is defined
2009-10-16 Michael Stapelbergbattery: split up %remaining into %percentage and ...
2009-10-16 Michael StapelbergActually use the format string for the battery (Thanks...
2009-10-16 Michael StapelbergChange Makefile to make releases containing our current...
2009-10-16 Michael StapelbergImplement option to use the last full capacity instead...
2009-10-16 Michael StapelbergObey format for run_watches
2009-10-16 Michael StapelbergImplement format_up/format_down for ethernet
2009-10-15 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Cast the integers to uint64_t *before* multiply...
2009-10-15 Michael StapelbergSeparate license into file LICENSE
2009-10-15 Michael StapelbergUpdate default config
2009-10-13 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Install manpage from new path (Thanks shatter)
2009-10-12 Michael StapelbergGenerate manpage in Makefile
2009-10-12 Michael StapelbergAdd manpage in asciidoc format
2009-10-11 Michael StapelbergCleanup disk "module"
2009-10-11 Michael StapelbergImplement disk info (%free/%used/%total)
2009-10-11 Michael StapelbergBreaks configfiles! Major refactoring of i3status,...
2009-10-02 Michael StapelbergAdd debian changelog entry to keep updates from overwri...
2009-10-01 Michael StapelbergFix linking (Thanks Atsutane)
2009-10-01 Michael StapelbergBugfix: close the filehandle when done
2009-10-01 Michael StapelbergImplement getting the wireless ESSID
2009-09-26 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Don’t show colors in wireless info if colors...
2009-09-26 Michael StapelbergDon’t display an error message if getaddrinfo() fails...
2009-09-11 AtsutaneSmall improvement regarding readability if one hasn...
2009-09-01 Michael StapelbergInitialize order array with -1 to avoid printing duplic...
2009-09-01 Michael StapelbergFix compilation warning
2009-09-01 Axel BeckertSupport for (Debian) GNU/kFreeBSD
2009-08-18 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Correctly terminate output if time is specified...
2009-08-18 Michael StapelbergAdd support for xmobar
2009-08-17 Michael Stapelbergdebian: fix issues with initscript
2009-08-02 Michael StapelbergUpdate debian changelog
2009-07-25 Michael StapelbergReturn "no battery" instead of dying if a battery wasn...
2009-07-25 Michael StapelbergDon’t perror("connect") when there most likely is no...
2009-07-23 Michael StapelbergUpdate i3status.conf
2009-07-23 Michael StapelbergBugfix: Use interface instead of eth_interface in get_i...