2016-10-05 AlkorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' master
2016-01-31 darkcovenCli: fix bug when trying to disable DHCP
2015-12-18 darkcovenlib: fix bug on dhcp setting when switch sends a 1...
2015-12-18 darkcovenlib: remove unused variable
2015-06-16 Thomas SoëteMerge pull request #1 from speed47/master
2015-06-16 speedmore friendliness for non-eth0 ifaces
2015-06-16 speedadd quick readme
2015-06-16 speedadd to boostrap build process
2015-03-04 AlkorinFix size of printed numbers
2015-03-04 AlkorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2014-09-10 darkcovenAdd support for loop detection setting
2014-09-10 AlkorinMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2014-09-09 darkcovenRaw: fix bug in isStringPrintable()
2014-09-01 darkcovenLib: fix login issue with switches that actually suppor...
2014-08-31 AlkorinHandle GS015E error code on login
2014-04-08 darkcovenRaw: fix few bugs on port mirroring
2014-04-08 darkcovenFactorize string related functions
2014-04-08 darkcovenFix handling of timeout errors
2014-04-08 darkcovenHandle ports duplex mode
2014-04-08 darkcovenCli: align fields in switch list
2014-04-07 darkcovenLib: fallback to login with write request when read...
2014-04-07 darkcovenAdd invalid operation error code
2014-04-02 darkcovenLib: fix scan issue with switches that send an empty...
2014-04-02 darkcovenCli: disable all non batch mode code when building...
2014-04-02 darkcovenCli: do not force to be logged in batch mode
2014-04-02 darkcovenRemove and ignore INSTALL
2013-10-20 darkcovenEmu: add port specific entries
2013-10-20 darkcovenAdd basic switch emulator
2013-10-19 darkcovenLib: add size checks to prevent several crashes
2013-10-19 darkcovenFix network configuration modification
2013-10-18 darkcovenCli: change password can ask new password with terminal...
2013-10-18 darkcovenCli: add command to show network configuration details
2013-10-18 darkcovenAdd error codes to handle bad replies and unknown errors
2013-10-18 darkcovenFix remaining old prototypes
2013-10-14 darkcovenCli: update man page
2013-10-13 darkcovenFix required files not included in dist archive
2013-10-13 darkcovenSpy: show specific attributes details
2013-10-13 darkcovenRaw: refactor attribute encoding and decoding
2013-10-12 darkcovenNgCli and libngadmin are now optional
2013-10-12 darkcovenAdd dissector to dist archive
2013-10-12 darkcovenRaw: expose encoding functions
2013-10-12 darkcovenCli: switch to filename completion after terminal commands
2013-10-12 darkcovenSpy: print more header details
2013-10-12 darkcovenSpy: handle two sockets
2013-10-11 darkcovenRemove AM_COND_IF conditionals
2013-10-11 darkcovenUse portable way to handle timeouts
2013-10-11 darkcovenMove basic networking code to raw library
2013-10-11 darkcovenStart reorganization of low level library
2013-10-11 darkcovenUse autotools to fill some fields of doxyfile
2013-10-11 darkcovenMerge branch 'autotools'
2013-10-07 darkcovenLib: add libtool version info
2013-10-07 darkcovenLib: provide libngadmin.pc
2013-10-07 darkcovenOnly link readline on programs that need it
2013-10-06 darkcovenCli: fix crash when interrupting an automatic login...
2013-10-06 darkcovenCli: fix infinite loop in automatic login in case of...
2013-10-06 darkcovenSet global broadcast by default
2013-10-06 darkcovenAdd the possibility to totally disable VLANs
2013-09-27 darkcovenAdd emulator stub directory structure
2013-09-27 darkcovenUse libtool's way to export only required symbols
2013-09-27 darkcovenRename cli executable
2013-09-27 darkcovenEnable spy support
2013-09-27 darkcovenAdd debug mode support
2013-09-27 darkcovenAdd Doxygen documention generation
2013-09-27 darkcovenReadline is now optional
2013-09-27 darkcovenHide symbols, force CFLAGS
2013-09-27 darkcovenMove cli code to src subdir
2013-09-27 darkcovenRemove Makefiles and use autotools
2013-09-27 darkcovenAdditional checks on data received in VLAN code
2013-09-27 darkcovenOptimize port based VLAN config
2013-09-22 darkcovenCli: allow VLAN 0 in port based config
2013-09-22 darkcovenFix crash when writing the wrong type of VLAN
2013-09-22 darkcovenOptimize port based VLAN code, send only modified VLANs
2013-09-22 darkcovenSplit lib code into several files
2013-09-22 darkcovenFix crash when reading the wrong type of VLAN
2013-09-21 darkcovenAdd support for port based VLANs
2013-09-20 darkcovenLib: fix duplicate error value
2013-09-20 darkcovenDissector: add encrypt password attribute
2013-09-20 darkcovenAdd an option to scan several times in batch mode
2013-09-20 darkcovenAdd batch mode support
2013-09-20 darkcovenCommand functions return int instead of bool
2013-09-20 darkcovenLet commands handle themselves absence of arguments
2013-09-18 darkcovenCli: refactor, change coding style
2013-09-18 darkcovenAdd support for password encryption
2013-09-16 darkcovenDissector: refactor, change coding style
2013-04-02 darkcovenRaw: separate attribute filtering in a separate function.
2013-04-01 darkcovenAdded basic packet dumper.
2013-04-01 darkcovenSeparated lib in two parts : low level and high level.
2013-04-01 darkcovenLib: updated Doxygen file.
2013-04-01 darkcovenLib: moved lib include file to 'include' subdirectory.
2013-04-01 darkcovenLib: source refactor.
2012-12-31 darkcovenLib: fixed a compilation bug occuring on Ubuntu.
2012-12-30 darkcovenImproved Makefiles.
2012-12-30 darkcovenLib: fixed memory leaks.
2012-12-29 darkcovenCLI: removed printing of PVID string.
2012-12-29 darkcovenAdded DENIED error.
2012-12-29 darkcovenCLI: added the possibility to interrupt hanging command...
2012-12-29 darkcovenAdded the possibility to use global broadcast.
2012-12-29 darkcovenAdded chained makefiles.
2012-12-29 darkcovenAdded support for creating and deleting a 802.1q VLAN.
2012-12-29 darkcovenAdded support for changing VLAN 802.1q and PVID configu...