2018-11-20 Tomas Vanektcl/target: ti_tms570.cfg restructure dap support master
2018-11-18 Andreas Kemnadeefm32: correct erase address if bank->base != 0
2018-11-18 Bohdan Tymkivtarget/image: Add support for S6 record in Motorola...
2018-11-18 Christopher... target/stm32f7x: clarify reset_config comment
2018-11-13 Christopher... Permit null target on TCL connection
2018-11-10 Paul FertserREADME: fix stlink instructions
2018-11-10 Spencer Oliverdocs: fix typo in manual
2018-11-10 Christopher... target/stm32h7x: Fix documentation of reset_config
2018-11-10 xuguangxiaojtag/bitq: array boundary overflow
2018-11-08 Matthias Welwarskyarmv7a: ARMv7-A MMU tools
2018-11-06 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: remove duplicate code to read target...
2018-11-06 Antonio Borneotarget/arm_dpm: uniform names of exported functions
2018-11-06 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: remove buggy memory AP accesses
2018-11-06 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: remove unused code controlled by ...
2018-11-03 Dominik Pekloflash/nor/stm32f1x: Use of protection blocks, improved...
2018-11-03 Antonio Borneoarm_adi_v5: do not deactivate power domains while tryin...
2018-11-02 Tomas Vanekflash/nor/at91samd: add SAMR21E19A DID
2018-10-31 Paul Fertsertcl: target: omit apcsw for hla
2018-10-28 Tomas Vanekdrivers/cmsis-dap: speed up sending multiple HID requests
2018-10-28 Kevin Gillespietarget/target.c: adding keep_alive() to while loop.
2018-10-27 Moritz Fischerzynq_7000: Add zynqpl_program command
2018-10-27 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: fix temporary breakpoint during step
2018-10-27 William D.... xilinx-xc7: Add additional IDCODEs.
2018-10-27 William D.... tcl/board: Add Arty-S7 Spartan 7 FPGA Development Board
2018-10-27 Antonio Borneotarget/arm_adi_v5: fix sync CSW cache on apreg write
2018-10-17 Rohit Singhtcl: Add support for the Numato Lab Mimas A7 board
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionftdi: demote unhelpful debug messages
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionrtos: check symbol list when updating uCOS-III
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionesirisc: support eSi-RISC targets
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionjtag: make cmd_queue_scan_field_clone public
2018-10-16 Steven Stalliongdb_server: add support for architecture element
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionrtos: support gdb_get_register_packet
2018-10-16 Steven Stallionregister: support non-existent registers
2018-10-09 Antonio Borneodrivers: cmsis-dap: fix connection in JTAG mode
2018-10-08 Anders Westrupflash/nrf5: support for nRF52810
2018-10-01 Adam Basstcl/board: Add Renesas R-Car Salvator-X(S) boards.
2018-10-01 Adam Basstcl/target: Add Renesas R-Car Gen3 targets
2018-10-01 Antonio Borneogdb_server: avoid gdb server for virtual targets
2018-09-27 Christopher... target/atsamv: make APCSW cacheable
2018-09-27 Christopher... target/stm32: make APCSW cacheable
2018-09-25 Antonio Borneocontrib/60-openocd.rules: provide hint to reload udev...
2018-09-25 Christopher... target/cortex_m: fix typo
2018-09-25 Tim NewsomeClarify what exactly the RISC-V code supports.
2018-09-19 Thomas SøhusAdded support for STM32L4X option bytes writing.
2018-09-17 Antonio Borneodoc: fix use of deprecated config file in the example
2018-09-17 Kai Geissdoerferflash/nrf5: support for nRF52840 Q1AAC0
2018-09-17 Kai Geissdoerferflash/nrf5: time-based timeout waiting for flash controller
2018-09-13 Antonio Borneoarm_adi_v5: remove useless cast to int
2018-09-12 Guido Günthertcl/board: Add Emcraft imx8 SOM BSB support
2018-09-12 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: poll all targets in SMP node after...
2018-09-10 Oleksij Rempelftdi: extend ftdi_location format
2018-09-10 Steven Stallioninterface: adapter configuration for FTDI C232HM
2018-09-10 Matthias Welwarskytarget/mem_ap: generic mem-ap target
2018-09-09 Cody Schaferflash/stm32f2x: add stm32f7 revision Z identification
2018-09-07 Steven Stallionrtos-helpers: fix minor typo in uC/OS-III helper
2018-09-07 Oleksij Rempellibusb: return oocd error values
2018-09-07 Antonio Borneogdb_server: add per target option "-gdb-port"
2018-09-07 Antonio Borneoadi_v5: enforce check on AP number value
2018-08-22 Guido Günthertarget: armv8: Ensure target is halted for virt2phys
2018-08-21 Tomas Vanekrtos/linux.c: fix clang static analyzer warning
2018-08-21 Tomas Vanekflash/at91sam4: fix clang static analyzer warning
2018-08-21 Tomas Vanekflash/at91sam4: set wait states only once per write
2018-08-21 Tomas Vanekflash/at91sam4: emit flash bank info
2018-08-21 Tomas Vanekflash/at91sam4: run probe just once
2018-08-21 Kevin Gillespiemax32xxx: Support for MAX32XXX devices.
2018-08-14 Svetoslav Enchevtarget/riscv/riscv-011: fix compile warning about unini...
2018-08-14 Cody P Schafertcl/board: update all uses of interface/stlink-v2-1...
2018-08-14 Christopher... target/cortex_m: restore C_MASKINTS after reset
2018-08-14 Christopher... doc: fix typo in cortex_m maskisr command
2018-08-08 Tim NewsomeAdd detail to `wrong register size` error.
2018-08-08 Antonio Borneotarget/armv7a_cache: add gdb keep-alive and fix a missi...
2018-08-06 Antonio Borneotarget/cortex_a: allow command dacrfixup during init...
2018-08-06 Antonio Borneotarget/arm_adi_v5: allow commands apsel and apcsw durin...
2018-08-02 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target: add Allwinner V3s SoC support
2018-08-02 Dominik Peklotcl/target/stm32f0x: Allow overriding the Flash bank...
2018-08-01 Christopher... target/cortex_m: fix incorrect comment
2018-08-01 Marc Schinkserver/server: Add ability to remove services
2018-08-01 Masatoshi Tateishirtos: add support for NuttX
2018-08-01 Jim Parisnrf5: add free_driver_priv
2018-08-01 Antonio Borneotarget/arm_adi_v5: add command "dpreg"
2018-08-01 Bohdan Tymkivflash/nor/tcl.c: fix flash bank bounds check in 'flash...
2018-08-01 Antonio Borneozy1000: fix compile error with gcc 8.1.1
2018-08-01 Antonio Borneoserver: explicitly call "shutdown" when catch CTRL...
2018-08-01 Antonio Borneotarget/riscv: fix compile error with gcc 8.1.1
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltarget|board: Add Intel (Altera) Arria 10 target and...
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempelfpga/altera-10m50: add all device id
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltcl/board: add DPTechnics DPT-Board-v1
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target/atheros_ar9331: add documentation and extra...
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target/atheros_ar9331: add DDR2 helper
2018-07-31 Antony Pavlovtcl/target|board: move common AR9331 code to atheros_ar...
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltcl/board: add config for 8devices LIMA board
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempeltcl/target: add config for Qualcomm QCA4531
2018-07-31 Oleksij Rempelmips_m4k: add optional reset handler
2018-07-27 Paul Bartholomewtarget/cortex_a: fix compile error for uninitialized...
2018-07-25 Christopher... target/cortex_m: make a variable local
2018-07-25 Karl Palssondrivers: cmsis-dap: print serial if available
2018-07-24 Matthias Welwarskycortex_a: fix virt2phys when mmu is disabled
2018-07-24 Daniel Glöcknerusb_blaster: Don't unnecessarily go through DR-/IR...
2018-07-24 Tim NewsomeAdd RISC-V support.
2018-07-24 Antonio Borneoarm_adi_v5: put SWJ-DP back to JTAG mode at exit