2018-05-17 Jakob HaufeImprove preview overlay usability master
2017-12-12 Jakob HaufeImprove README
2017-12-12 Jakob HaufeComplete name
2017-11-09 Jakob HaufeAdd dedication
2017-10-24 Jakob HaufeMove initialisation of $defaultcrop to fix #5 v0.6
2017-08-08 Jakob HaufeOrder page offsets numerically in YAML file v0.5
2017-08-08 Stefan HagenNew parameter --defaultcrop to define genmeta crop...
2017-07-16 Jakob HaufeCorrectly implement placement of pages with offsets v0.4
2017-07-10 Jakob HaufeAdd info on how to install dependencies on FreeBSD v0.3
2017-07-08 Stefan HagenBSD friendly shebang
2017-07-06 Jakob HaufeAdd compatibility for old File::Libmagic v0.2
2017-07-06 Jakob HaufeFix x/y typo
2017-07-05 Jakob HaufeUpdate Debian info v0.1
2017-07-05 Jakob HaufeRework into single tool
2017-07-03 Jakob HaufeAllow "blank" in pageorder to insert blank page
2017-07-03 Jakob HaufeChange mechanism for output file names
2017-07-03 Jakob HaufeInital commit