2017-11-12 Dominic Radermachercleanup unneeded stuff master
2017-11-12 Dominic Radermacheradded initial support for PT-2730PC
2017-11-11 Dominic Radermacherupdated readme
2017-09-24 Dominic Radermacherreverted to old pixel size
2017-09-24 Dominic RadermacherMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-24 Dominic RadermacherMerge pull request #5 from hcgpalm/master
2017-09-23 Christer PalmMove processing after argument parsing so that argument...
2017-09-23 Christer PalmDo not eject if writing to png
2017-09-23 Christer PalmFix PT-2024PC support and some minor cleanup
2017-09-08 Dominic Radermacherupdated contact info in po/ptouch.pot and po/Makevars
2017-07-20 Dominic Radermacherupdated to version 1.3.4 v1.3.4
2017-07-20 Dominic Radermacheradded support for pt2420
2017-07-05 Dominic Radermacherupdated .gitignore
2017-06-24 Dominic RadermacherREADME is required for autotools
2017-06-24 Dominic Radermacherupdated .gitignore
2017-06-24 Dominic Radermachercosmetic updates ;-)
2017-06-24 Dominic RadermacherMerge branch 'devel'
2017-06-18 Dominic Radermacherupdated eMail of author
2017-06-18 Dominic Radermacherupdated eMail of author
2016-12-10 Dominic Radermacherupdated version
2016-12-10 Dominic Radermacheradded more devices, even though printing does NOT work...
2016-12-10 Dominic Radermacherupdated .gitignore
2016-07-17 Dominic Radermacherremoved (nonfunctional) ptouch-gtk
2016-06-25 Dominic RadermacherRemoved AUTHORS file from .gitignore
2016-06-25 Dominic RadermacherAdded AUTHORS file required by autotools
2016-04-19 Dominic RadermacherMerge pull request #2 from 2-B/master
2016-04-19 Tobias Rueetschi.gitignore: ignore files and directories which are...
2016-04-19 Tobias RueetschiAdd support for 6mm bands
2016-03-23 Dominic RadermacherAdd missing file for autotools
2016-03-03 Dominic RadermacherFix compile error on debian jessie
2016-03-01 Dominic RadermacherSmall bugfix on text rendering for UTF-8
2016-01-05 Dominic RadermacherAdded description for --fontsize to usage
2015-12-29 Dominic Radermacherusers also want to have ./configure even when it can...
2015-12-29 Dominic RadermacherAdding .gitignore
2015-12-29 Dominic RadermacherInitial commit