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ownerJakob Haufe
last changeSat, 27 May 2017 09:13:20 +0000 (11:13 +0200)
2017-05-27 Yann E. MORINMakefile: ensure image directory exists master
2017-05-27 Yann E. MORINMakefile: ensure parser directory exists
2017-05-27 Ross BurtonMakefile: ensure frontends/ exits before writing into it
2017-05-09 Ross BurtonMakefile: ensure utils/ exists before writing to it
2017-05-09 Ross BurtonMakefile: fix .pc installation path
2017-05-03 Yann E. MORINMafile: qconf must be compiled as C++11 v4.11.0.0
2017-05-03 Yann E. MORINfrontends/qconf: silence a warning
2017-05-03 Yann E. MORINSynchronise with 4.11
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINMakefile: generated yacc/lex/gperf source are maintaine...
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINMakefile: comment tricky yconf condition
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINMakefile: split long lines
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINMakefile: add missing patch to dist archive
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINMakefile: cleaning .pc belongs to distclean
2017-04-09 Yann E. MORINksync: refresh patches
2017-04-08 Yann E. MORINMakefile: include generated hconf.c in distribution
2017-04-08 Yann E. MORINMakefile: unbreak build out-of-tree
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